Graduation is an exciting milestone in your new career: it signifies the end of being a student and the start of being a physiotherapist. However, the learning process continues. PhysioChoice places a large emphasis on the ongoing development of the knowledge and skills of our physiotherapists.

We have a continuing education program that is the best in the country. Developed over 20 years it is unsurpassable and provides our new graduates with the kick start they need to pursue a rewarding career in physiotherapy.

Throughout your new graduate development program with PhysioChoice, you will attend 7 Core Development days that will challenge and expand your knowledge in seven key treatment areas.

Opportunities for growth do not end here: throughout your career with PhysioChoice, you will have numerous opportunities to develop specialised physiotherapy skills through our Expander Development Courses and Specialised Development Courses.

You have an exciting path in front of you, we do not want you to miss a thing! Through the provision of continuing education, PhysioChoice challenges our physiotherapists to become active learners with a broad wealth of knowledge and skills in the field of musculoskeletal physiotherapy.

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